Oakwood Pond makes a splash

Pond construction photo 1

Oakwood Pond aims to transform the whole community, even foxes and the fish.

The Stort Anglian Society and Patrick Bailly, the landscape and biodiversity officer, have redesigned the once neglected pond.

The £80,000 project has been funded by a flood alleviation grant, Essex County Council and Harlow Council. Patrick commented, ‘This will increase the capacity of the pond’s location and make it an attractive site to visit.’

The site will feature a 30-metre long bridge, four fishing swims and accessible paths. This will make the site a perfect spot for the Stort Valley Angling Society to teach young people and the disabled to fish.

Image by Charlotte Langham

Patrick Bailly, the landscape and biodiversity officer

The site holds considerable historical meaning for the area, which dates back to the 1100’s. The pond originally formed part of a monastery and the former upper house. Patrick said, ‘There is so much living history around this pond. We want to celebrate it.’

The area has become overgrown and as a result has attracted petty vandalism. Patrick said ‘The thinning out of trees will discourage antisocial behaviour and the site will become self-policing.’

Patrick hopes to have an opening ceremony on November 1, inviting the supporters of the construction including The Rainbow Society, Hugh Pearl and James Curry Tree Contractors, local residents and councillors.

Article by Ceile Brown and Charlotte Langham

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