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THE NEW Harvey Centre Cineworld is intent on bringing the cinema experience to everyone.

With the global battle between the big screen and online movie streaming growing fiercer, there is still little doubt that the best way to enjoy a new release is to book tickets at your nearest movie theatre.

And as the roster of films being released continues to grow more technically impressive, the Harvey Centre Cineworld want to make sure that more people than ever can enjoy the magic of the Cinema.

‘We are very accommodating toward people with disabilities, and we strive to cater for as broad an audience as possible,’ said manager Rory Green, 26, who started his Cineworld career almost four years ago.

Audio description performances, subtitled screenings and volume control headphones mean those with sight or hearing impairments can feel at home at Cineworld.

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Access Box

The complex is also wheelchair accessible, and the staff hope that more people with disabilities will take advantage of the disabled access boxes that are available at the town centre branch.

Rory said, ‘they are definitely a success. I’ve noticed more and more disabled customers coming back to us because of the disabled access boxes.’

As well as accommodating for those with physical disabilities, Cineworld works in partnership with the not for profit group ‘Dimensions’ to offer ‘autism friendly screenings’ for people with sensory sensitivities.

‘Alongside the adjustments, we assure the screenings are always at the same time, in the same screen every 4 to 5 weeks,’ Rory said, ‘ So that those with autism can become more familiar with the experience.’

The adjustments, which include low level lighting, reduced sound volume and a relaxed atmosphere, help make the visits as enjoyable as possible for those who might otherwise find the experience overwhelming.

For the next few months’ movie fans can rejoice at the release of some of the years most anticipated films, with Thor: Ragnarok and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, yet to grace the big screen.

Now that the autumn leaves are falling and the cold winds are starting to bite, there is no better time to enjoy a film and a bucket of hot popcorn at your nearest Cineworld.

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