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PHOENIX Resource Centre is a charity which prevents up to 380 tons of goods and resources from being dumped into UK landfill sites every week. Phoenix, which was established in 2010 and is globally recognised, has a shop in the centre of Harlow.

The Phoenix Resource Centres main objectives are the protection and preservation of the environment for public benefit. Their primary focuses are on children, youth, the elderly, disabled, disadvantaged and charities. The main driving force behind the charity is the overwhelming effect its work has on the less privileged. Through their member organisations, Phoenix has helped over 300,000 children with resources, more than 60,000 individuals with special needs, plus organisations including schools, pre-schools and charities.

Not only does Phoenix benefit others through the redirecting of goods, but also through media production, boasting a recording studio, radio station, live lounge and an area where local bands and acts can show off their talents.

Image by Grace Perry

Phoenix Resource Centre

Andrew Richardson, director of Phoenix Film Studios, states ‘I hate waste, that’s why I decided to help in this charity free of charge, I wanted to help people’.

The charity serves 61 countries and helps up to 61 per cent of the unemployed to get a job. Phoenix also plans to build a radio station in Ghana, where it has already helped to build a hospital. Richardson also notes ‘If you give them food it will last for a day, we work for sustainability projects – we don’t want to provide aid, we want them to be self reliant.’

As for providing material to schools and other establishments, Phoenix holds a ‘token system’, which costs a mere £10 for life, but for schools £9 where one can take something of everything in the store, which can amount up to £6000 worth of items. ‘It’s not about the money at all, I’m paid in other ways that are not financial,’ Richardson states, ‘If you are about the money, then you are not about community.’ 

Image by Grace Perry

Phoenix Resource Centre doesn’t only help the less fortunate, it is also a rehabilitation centre for ex-criminals. Andrew Richardson has communicated with and helped lifers, including rapists and murderers, but refuses to ever have a child abuse offender in his facility.

‘I just can’t.’ said Richardson. ‘If someone has done a crime, you can’t do anything about it, but can help them to pay back to society and that is why I am doing it.’

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