College Students Rejuvenating Harlow

Image by Devon Taverner-Hailou

HARLOW College students are engaged in an exciting new project with Harlow Council.

Charlotte Eve, a graphic design student, is currently planning how to make Prentice Place in Potter Street, a more innovative and visually artistic place to live.

‘We were given a brief to make the gates in Prentice Place more interesting so people do not vandalise it’ said Charlotte.

She added ‘We have to make sure that our designs are linked to Harlow. So I am currently researching Harlow’s culture, famous people who are from Harlow and the history of Potter Street.’

Students are being challenged with their creativity: ‘Each panel of the seven bays is 2.4m high by 1m and a half wide. We need to either cover this with one design, like a mosaic of vibrant colours or combine two designs together like sculptures and pottery,’ said Charlotte.

Image by Devon Taverner-Hailou

New look Prentice Place, Potter Street

Nevertheless, there are rules they need to follow. She added ‘We can’t use images of people and there’s one section of the gate that needs to be kept clear for security reasons.’

‘The main challenge I’ve come across is the HPL-high pressure laminate material. We can print anything, but it can’t be see-through.’ She said.

Mustafa Sidki, the graphic design teacher said ‘There isn’t going to be a showcase necessarily, but when the project is completed, students are invited onsite to look.”

He added ‘There is going to be a monetary prize, but it hasn’t been decided how much just yet.’

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Devon Taverner-Hailou

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