Stansted Airport says ‘Business As Usual’ despite Ryanair Crisis

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RYANAIR has come under fire this week due its lack of planning and communication resulting in mass flight cancellations and delays. But Stansted Airport says otherwise and has praised the company for its communication with airport officials and passengers.

Its no secret that Ryanair is currently facing a crisis as it announced on Wednesday (Sept 20) that it is currently working through the cancellation of 2,100 of its 103,000 flights over the next six weeks.

A report in the Hertfordshire Mercury on September 18 mentioned that Ryanair has cancelled 43 flights arriving at and departing from Stansted Airport from September 18-20.

But, despite mass cancellations a representative from London Stansted Airport  stated  ‘Ryanair has been very effective in communicating with us and with passengers before they show up to the airport, therefore the airport is running as per usual and we haven’t needed any extra staff’.

The airport declined though to provide a list of affected flights.

However, when putting Ryanair’s communication capabilities to the test, they were unavailable for comment.

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Unavailable for comment

Their press office phone number didn’t connect. We were informed by Ryanair this was due to the volume of incoming inquires.

When attempting to contact the company on twitter we were directed to their live chat platform only to be told the agent was unable to pass any comment on press related matters.

Image by Michael Ellis

Communication breakdown

Communication certainly was lacking in this case.

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  1. Marc

    Good article, surprised Ryanair have managed to do anything right


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