Harlow College Bucks National Trend and Receives Improvement in Latest GCSE Results


 As students up and down the country collected their GCSE results, a change in the grading system caused controversy and confusion for both students and tutors alike.

The switch from grading exams between G and A star to one up to nine didn’t affect the majority of students at Harlow FE College who had taken their Maths and English exams. Kari Wright, a tutor at the college, said, “In English we went from a very low percentage pass rate, all the way up to 32 percent. From what I understand the national averages this year has dipped, so we’re really pleased that ours have improved”.

She went on to admit that the new changes had made things “complicated”, but believed that “over the next few years and once the A, B and Cs are weeded out, students will be a bit more clear”.

The changes have caused a stir due to there now being more possible grades than previously. It is also unclear

which numerical grades line up with the letter equivalents from previous years.



Sam Roberts

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