Should all police officers carry guns?

Armed Police

Recent terror attacks across the country has reopened the debate on whether all police officers should carry firearms.

On March 22 2017, four people were killed on Westminster Bridge after a man drove a car into pedestrians. He then crashed into the railings outside Parliament where he fatally stabbed a police officer.

Last month 22 people were killed as they were leaving an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena after a man detonated a bomb.

Less than two weeks later three men drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge and attacked members of the public with knives in Borough Market, killing eight people.

Every police force in England and Wales has a firearms unit but the number of armed officers went from 6909 in 2009 to 5639 in 2016.

Nina Andrews, 44, a worried citizen, said: “I don’t think every police officer should be armed because it’s not needed. A gun isn’t going to stop a person in a van.

I took my daughters to a concert in London recently and there were a couple of armed around. It made me feel uneasy more than it did safe.”

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