Scratch and Go

Scratch and Go
A Newsagent in Old Harlow has dramatically shut down and closed for business following alleged allegations that they were in serious rent arears. The owners of ‘Old Town Stores’ who was a farther and son stole all the scratch cards before disappearing. The owner of the building is Sam Kelly is allegedly owed over £3000 in rent.

He said “The two guys kept promising me they would pay me every week. They gave me a handful of notes straight from the till. This was only a few hundred pound, if that. I know they was buying stock on finance, which I thought was fishy, however they always paid rent for the first months. They building was left full of stock but was missing all the scratch cards and the till. The police are now involved and are treating this as a criminal case”.

The shop is now empty and Sam is looking for new owners for the shop.

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