Princess Alexandra Hospital- NHS Cyber Attack

Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow did not face the full extent from the recent cyber-attack however disruption and delays affected many patients. However, many hospitals across the country were in full chaos following their security systems being attacked and hacked.

The attacks threatened the lives of many patients due to operations being cancelled and delayed. Princess Alexandra couldn’t take the risk and even had to shut down their systems to prevent an attack happening to them.

The press officer at Princess Alexandra hospital said “I can confirm we have not been affected by the cyber-attack. As a precaution, some of our networks and systems were taken offline to protect our systems.


We have up-to-date technology that is better and more protected than the hospitals that were attacked. We try are upmost to prevent attacks on are systems however We cannot guarantee we won’t be attacked in the future, but we have the best possible protection to stop an incident like this occurring to us.

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