Harlow Election Fallout

2017 map

The aftermath of the 2017 election has seen a Conservative hold in Harlow’s political scene, with gains for Labour and big losses for UKIP. It is the third hold of seat for Robert Halfon, but this election has seen him dropped from his ministerial post, in a disappointing and somewhat surprising move by Theresa May.


All things considered, Robert Halfon and the Conservatives will still call this a success. It’s the first time the party has ever held a majority over 50% in the constituency. The only other MP’s for Harlow who have managed that have been Labour.


Labour’s Philip Waite will be pleased with his performance, gaining just over 3,900 seats and closing the margin of votes down to Robert Halfon. Undoubtedly, the youth vote and a poor Conservative campaign will have definitely aided his gain of votes. The gains may have also come from the UKIP exodus which is potentially responsible for the Conservative and Labour gains. It certainly gives them a good chance to cause an upset if another election was called in the next two years.


Both candidates were certainly the main focus when it came to the Hustings hosted at Harlow College. Halfon and Waite both showed off their plans for the area focussing on areas education and what they could offer to the younger audience.


UKIP will be sorely disappointed with their result; however, it was a trend that was followed around the country. This didn’t come as a surprise to many after they were wiped out in the council elections earlier this year. The party across the nation got less than a million votes, losing over 10% of their votes from 2015.



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