Harlow and Stansted College building plans unveiled

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Plans and CGI images of the new Stansted College have finally been unveiled, with future plans for Harlow College expansion also being teased.  The Stansted plans are set to take shape over the next 14 months and will cost approximately £7.5 Million.

The new college at Stansted, situated on a three acre plot of land next to the airport, is being created to bridge the gap between Harlow and Cambridge. It is also providing specialist courses and apprenticeships for those who may want to go into the aviation or hospitality industry with companies based within the airport such as ‘Ryanair’ and ‘Easyjet’, offering their support. Debbie Sheridan, the Funding, Diversification Manager at Harlow College said how it would be “One of the UK’s largest employers on a single site, built to service the airport’s needs”.

The college is set to open in September 2018 for the 2018/19 academic year. The project is being built by the same people who designed the £11 Million Harlow Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Centre (HAMEC) which was recently finished on the Harlow College Campus. This project has also been a great success with links being made with premium industrial companies such as ‘DMG Mori’ and the Stansted College will hope to replicate its successes.

Further expansion for Harlow College also seems likely, but not where people were expecting. The plot of land opposite the college is unlikely to be developed so buildings in the town centre look likely to be turned into college hubs. The main focus at the moment is on the town’s old advice centre which looks set to be transformed into a commercial outlet for the college’s beauty students. Construction students at the college will also use the building during its revamp as a more realistic experience compared to class work.

Although plans are in their infancy, site activity on both areas should start soon so that the projects can meet their deadline.

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