Economy hits local shops

The economy hits local businesses


Some shopkeepers in Harlow are facing years of uncertainty as the economy affects trade for shopkeepers. The town may have a number of huge branded shops however, how are the small shops meant to keep up with the big name stores.


Harlow has many local shops and some are certainly facing the pressure. Newsagents Choc ‘N’ News, which is located in the town, is one in danger. manager Asad Bari said ‘I have been a shopkeeper for five years now and work hand in hand with my brother. I have never had this little trade before. The problem is no one has money and will go the extra mile to save a few a few pennies. I am making much less than I thought I would be and we’re just making enough to get by. The local economy is forcing us to sell products cheap to stay alive’.


Another local Newsagent just around the corner from Choc ‘N’ News is similarly in trouble. Mo Abril The manager of the Harlow Market newsagent said ‘ I have been involved in newsagents all my life and a shop owner since 18. I have recently moved to this locate to try thrive new trade. I was previously a storeowner in Enfield however the trade was slow and I had to relocate. The trade in this store is better but still not as good as I expected. I’m getting through but not making lots; if it worsens I might be in trouble’.


Lastly furniture shop ‘Home furnish + Accessories’ owned by Ismail Bahery is increasingly facing the pressure. ‘I have been owner of this store for nearly 10 years now, its very stressful but worth it however times are tough now. It seems like no one has money to spend on their homes. So trade has been very slow. I have had to cut prices to keep customers happy. The shop is making a lot less than lets say a year ago; sales are low but not too low yet’.


The Towns trade is being affected by the local economy however the local shopkeepers wont be beaten. All three shopkeepers interviewed vowed to fight through this tough stage.

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