Robert Halfon addresses LGBT and Stow concerns before the vote

Robert Halfon, the conservative candidate for the Harlow consistency has said that he has “no problems with gay, bisexual or Transgender” and that he will “save The Stow” ahead of the general election.

Seeking his 3rd win in an election Halfon talked about the negative press he had received after he the news he was confronted by a woman holding a sign saying he was against gay rights in a photo to which he was said to have left.

He said this was simply a case of misinformation based on the fact he had voted against an act in Parliament in which the church would have to allow same-sex marriages. He said his justification for this was that he believes that the church should have their choice on if they marry people or not otherwise he believes it would get to the point where people wouldn’t have a choice anymore and the state should be there to protect that choice and Halfon said that on issues such as these “MPs must have their own person judgement on a vote” and should vote truthfully.

As someone who grown up in a Jewish background Halfon continued that this one vote is completely unbalanced compared to the other work he has done for the LGBT including; changing the law to allow same-sex couples to register for civil partnerships on religious premises, introducing legislation that to disregard gay sex convictions, programs helping schools to address homophobic and transphobic bullying as well as other work on hate crime.

He also said that thanks to the recent events in The Stow it is “still suffering” and said to fix this he would offer free parking chances for 2-3 hours in The Stow as well getting rid of the wall on the side of Aldi that blocks people from walking into The Stow. He personally enjoys whenever he visits The Stow and said it’s local café does simply “the very best Shepard Pies”.

However it seems it will be up to the people to Harlow if they wish for Halfon to continue to be their MP and if these issues affect their choice as the vote happens on 8th June.

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