AS HARLOW turns 70, local businesses are organising an exhibition to help promote themselves and the town.

The exhibition will take place on June 8th at 10am to 4pm, and the Manor Suite at the Manor of Groves will open its doors for its annual Harlow Business Exhibition.

Damon Bailey, the main advertiser for the Harlow Business Exhibition, explained that the Expo is something that can help promote local businesses.
He said: ‘Harlow residents could see what’s on offer while businesses themselves can seek to gain plenty from the stalls available.’

‘Businesses that do not have stalls can still seek to gain from the exhibition by talking to the various businesses there, everyone is there to help promote themselves and others.’

Harlow MP Robert Halfon has attended the exhibition annually for the last couple of years and Mr Bailey said that he is likely to attend again. Mr Halfon states on the exhibition website; “The [exhibition] biggest and best business event in the East of England”.

There are stands still available including Gold and Silver stands which can provide additional advertising for businesses in terms of leaflets and merchandise ranging from £2000 for a Gold sponsorship, £800 for a Silver sponsorship and stands could be bought from £325 (plus VAT).
For more information visit: HARLOW

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