It’s a Bugs Life!

Mandy Kyle, Property Designer, pictured outside Bugingham Palace

It’s a Bug’s Life

An estate agent from Hertingfordbury has constructed a 15-bedroomed mansion in just two days. Colin Kyle, 54, is a first-time builder and followed exacting instruction from his wife Mandy 56, an architect.  Mr Kyle works for Steven Oates where the stunning residence has now been marketed for a cool ten million.

Unfortunately, only the very tiny can fit into the rather minuscule rooms as the house, situated at Little Hanger in the village of Hertingfordbury Herts, has actually been created for creepy crawlies. It does come with unusual features such as built in damp and is just a short crawl from local amenities such as the compost heap.

When Colin came in after the weekend and showed colleagues pictures of his achievements his colleagues were blown away. They decided to put it on Right Move as a joke. Built from a variety of insect friendly materials like rocks, wood and pine cones the property is described as ‘an amazing new home for all insects and bugs’.

The response has been astounding. Sam Collins, Manager at Steven Oates where Mr Kyle works, said “Normally we get around 450 views on our properties but so far 4500 people have looked at it and we’ve had lots of hilarious comments and calls.”

Despite the active interest there have been few offers. Mr and Mrs Snail, currently living a fair distance away   seemed very keen but have so far failed to turn up for a viewing. However Mrs Cat-Apillar has made an offer subject to securing finance.

This might be an issue as a deposit of £1 million would mean mortgages payments of around £48,000 a month for 25 years. Mr Collins said “Possibly there may be a problem might be trying to secure a mortgage from the Beetle Bank!”

Delighted Colin Kyle is stunned at the enthusiasm for his new property, called Bugingham Palace and said “I never expected it to attract so much interest perhaps I should go into the building trade.” A photograph of the imaginative mansion is currently displayed in the window of the Hertford Branch of Steven Oates Estate Agents.

Insect housing and hotels are encouraged by environmentalists as places for creepy crawlies to hibernate and then be in place to pollenate plants and take care of undesirable pests.

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