HTS Takeover from Kier

Kier vans have officially disappeared from Harlow streets as HTS (Property and Environment) Limited have taken over.

HTS signed the deal on Christmas Eve in 2015 and launched its service on 1 February equipped with a fleet of 178 vehicles.

The new company are responsible for carrying out tasks previously done by Kier including, but not limited to, maintenance, repairs on 10,000 houses, pest control and street cleaning.

It is a local company that is wholly owned by the council with a £23 million turnover a year. This means 100 per cent of the profits are reinvested into the council.

HTS currently employ 320 people with 90 per cent of them living in an area with a Harlow postcode. It also has employees who have transferred from Kier.

The company wants to bring in apprenticeships, work with local businesses and give opportunities for business start-ups.

In three years time, the company will be tested for their value for money.

Managing director, John Phillips, said: “Value for money isn’t all about price. We are a people centred business.

“We will stand or fall in the next five years, depending on customer satisfaction. Customers are essential.”

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