Apprenticeship work at Harlow College


APPRENTICESHIPS are usually seen as great ways to get into jobs involving manual labour and technology; however this stereotype isn’t the case for all. More and more are becoming office based and accessible to a wider amount of people. Shaunaugh Buckley, a 21 year old level 4 student who works in the HR and admin department at Harlow College after choosing the placement over university. In an interview, Shaunaugh explained that the apprenticeship was one of the “Best decisions ever made” in her career, having seriously considered university as an option before choosing the apprenticeship at the college.

Her initial plan was to go to university having got all of the required C or above grades at GCSE and having been successfully studying on an A-level beauty course at sixth form. She did, however, express that at the time she was not certain on her future, in regards to what career path she was going to go down.

When the time came to weigh up her options, she decided to look into other opportunities and, much to the surprise of her parents, decided that an apprenticeship would be the best way to gain qualifications, experiences and friendships all at once whilst also getting paid.

The HR and admin apprenticeship aims to craft many skills and techniques in the workplace as the job has no specific role. Since she joined, Shaunaugh has been involved in employment relations, staff wellbeing, interviewing and student induction. The general roll that this apprenticeship offers means that she will be able to show a variety of skills and apply for many more jobs that she would’ve been able to, had she done a University course of the same nature.

Courses such as this show how valuable apprenticeships are, as well as showing those who don’t have a life plan at the end of A-levels, do have options to hand.


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