Spring is Sprung


Spring has Sprung!


SPRING is in the air at Pets Corner in Harlow Town park. Eggs are incubating in time for a batch of Easter chicks, guinea pigs are soaking up the sunshine on the grass and the staff are excited to announce some new arrivals.

Pauline Neate, an animal carer at the park said ‘ lambing has be very successful so far, we have delivered 7 lambs and 4 are pure bred suffolks’.

The centre has also taken on some lambs from a local farm. The two pictured here come from quadruplets. A mother ewe has only 2 teats so can’t feed more than twins so they are bought to the centre and hand reared. Staff are delighted that the pair are doing so well they have been able to drop the 3.00 am feed which means no more night time alarm clock setting! The lambs will return to their farm homes at two months old when fully weaned.


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