Harlow council tax on the rise

FROM April 1, 2017 the average council tax for Harlow residents will rise by 9pence a week. There are no plans to close or cut any services, the council claims.

Harlow Council’s share of Council Tax will increase with just over £1.1 million of the savings being made. Harlow Town council will only keep £16 of every £100 collected from your council tax.

No services will close and none of the cuts made will impact on residents and businesses, despite continued pressure to meet extraordinary cuts in the council’s grant funding from the Government. The council aims to improve Harlow for residents, businesses and visitors.

The budget means that spending on parks, playgrounds, grass cutting and cleaning streets is still protected. The Playhouse and Community safety team and Harlow Youth council will not receive any cuts.

Council owned car park charges have been frozen for the fourth year in a row and you will still not be charged for parking for under an hour. The council will have £20,000 to spend to support Harlow’s 70th birthday celebrations. T

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Jordan Dobson

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