Council Leader on the regeneration of Harlow

Jon Clempner, leader of Harlow Council, has spoken about what is needed for the regeneration project in Harlow.

At the Chamber of Commerce meeting on 14 February, Councillor Clempner used an analogy of a four-legged stool that highlighted the following four areas: jobs and economy, infrastructure, housing and skills.

He said like the four legs of a stool, you couldn’t have one without the other three.

Clempner said at this point in time, he is the least worried about the former.

When talking about infrastructure, he said the new M11 junction (being built as part of the new science park) is “essential”.

He also said that education, environment and health are big matters in regeneration. In particular, he put emphasis on the hospital needing improvements.

Jon Clempner raised the issue of the ‘Stop Harlow North’ campaign. Going on to the social housing and affordable housing shortage in Harlow.

He said the council wants a “full range of one bed flats to five bed houses. You need housing for the people in the jobs.”

Finally, in regards to skills, he said: “The average wage of someone living in Harlow is lower than those who commute to work in Harlow.

“This is because Harlow residents commute to lower paying jobs.”

Councillor Clempner touched on the need to teach people skills for the better jobs.

With new engineering facilities at Harlow College, people can learn aerospace and advanced manufacturing engineering.

The school trusts, mean that education is improving in Harlow and the ability to teach new skills is becoming easier.

Clempner ended his talk saying Harlow has a bad reputation at the moment with a recent article stating it as the most murderous town.

However, he is confident about where Harlow is going.

He thinks that in 20 years time the town will be completely transformed.

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