Author: Mark Fisk

General Election 2017 – The fallout

Following the General Election 2017 result many people are trying to make sense of the outcome. What will it mean for the political landscape over the coming important years with the Brexit negotiations looming? Under 25’s turned out in significant numbers to support Labour, allowing Labour MP’s to increase their share of seats. Although Theresa May lost her parliamentary majority, the share of the vote as a percentage for the Conservatives actually went up from previous elections, causing a fresh round of discussions around the First Past The Post system. The Conservatives will now try to form a majority...

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Marketing for success

Ensuring that Harlow College maintains its positive image and attracts a wide variety of students is part of the job of the college’s Marketing Team Leader, Paul Woods, 52. I interviewed him to find out more about what his work entails and what motivates him. When Paul began working at Harlow College his role was different, it was simply an audio-visual resource department to help tutors, Paul evolved his position into what it is now through hard work and success. He says that he loves to promote and encourage education and finds the role extremely rewarding. Paul, who lives...

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