Author: Emily Cooper

Brother and Sister Light Up Harlow

Brother and sister, Luca and Romey, whose mother, Melissa Wink, died recently at St Clare Hospice, switched on the Harlow Christmas lights on November 18. The switch-on took place at The Water Gardens on November 18, marking the start of Christmas in Harlow. St Clare Hospice, where Melissa died on October 29, aged 29, is The Water Gardens Christmas charity. It wasn’t just The Water Gardens getting involved as there was singing and dancing from Burnt Mill Academy and Little Parndon Primary school students in the market square before the town was officially lit up. To get the children...

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HTS Takeover from Kier

Kier vans have officially disappeared from Harlow streets as HTS (Property and Environment) Limited have taken over. HTS signed the deal on Christmas Eve in 2015 and launched its service on 1 February equipped with a fleet of 178 vehicles. The new company are responsible for carrying out tasks previously done by Kier including, but not limited to, maintenance, repairs on 10,000 houses, pest control and street cleaning. It is a local company that is wholly owned by the council with a £23 million turnover a year. This means 100 per cent of the profits are reinvested into the council. HTS currently employ 320 people with 90 per cent of them living in an area with a Harlow postcode. It also has employees who have transferred from Kier. The company wants to bring in apprenticeships, work with local businesses and give opportunities for business start-ups. In three years time, the company will be tested for their value for money. Managing director, John Phillips, said: “Value for money isn’t all about price. We are a people centred business. “We will stand or fall in the next five years, depending on customer satisfaction. Customers are...

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Regeneration in the town centre

A PROJECT to rejuvenate Harlow town centre could lead to more than 400 new residential units. Addington Capital, which is behind the new cinema and restaurants opening on the first floor of the Harvey Centre, intends to create 442 new residential units and 3,100 square metres of retail space in Market Square, Broad Walk and West Gate. Its proposals, which also include using parts of the existing Harvey Centre car park for residential parking, were on show at a public exhibition last month at the Harvey Centre, hosted by Snapdragon Consulting. Joel Fayers of Snapdragon Consulting said there had...

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What mental health therapies are available?

With mental health issues getting more and more attention in the media, The Harlow Harrier spoke to a Harlow-based mental health charity to find out more. You might be surprised to find out just how many therapies are available for people who are suffering from mental health issues. These issues range from grief and depression to anxiety and stress. Charity, YCT has been offering support and counselling to five to 25 year olds since 1988. It’s clear that mental health help isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing. What works for one person may not work for...

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Making a Difference in Malawi

A HARLOW resident is fundraising to see how Bidfood’s sustainability scheme has helped those in Malawi. Emma Denton, 35, is among the fundraisers at the company who help to improve the availability of clean water in the third world country. “I work for the sustainability team at Bidfood and they work with the One Water foundation who have a vision for everyone in the world to have clean and safe water forever.” “Bidfood are arranging for a handful of employees to go to Malawi and see what projects Bidfood have been funding. “As part of the sustainability team I really...

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