Author: Dominic

Harlow Election Fallout

The aftermath of the 2017 election has seen a Conservative hold in Harlow’s political scene, with gains for Labour and big losses for UKIP. It is the third hold of seat for Robert Halfon, but this election has seen him dropped from his ministerial post, in a disappointing and somewhat surprising move by Theresa May.   All things considered, Robert Halfon and the Conservatives will still call this a success. It’s the first time the party has ever held a majority over 50% in the constituency. The only other MP’s for Harlow who have managed that have been Labour....

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Harlow and Stansted College building plans unveiled

Plans and CGI images of the new Stansted College have finally been unveiled, with future plans for Harlow College expansion also being teased.  The Stansted plans are set to take shape over the next 14 months and will cost approximately £7.5 Million. The new college at Stansted, situated on a three acre plot of land next to the airport, is being created to bridge the gap between Harlow and Cambridge. It is also providing specialist courses and apprenticeships for those who may want to go into the aviation or hospitality industry with companies based within the airport such as...

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Apprenticeship work at Harlow College

APPRENTICESHIPS are usually seen as great ways to get into jobs involving manual labour and technology; however this stereotype isn’t the case for all. More and more are becoming office based and accessible to a wider amount of people. Shaunaugh Buckley, a 21 year old level 4 student who works in the HR and admin department at Harlow College after choosing the placement over university. In an interview, Shaunaugh explained that the apprenticeship was one of the “Best decisions ever made” in her career, having seriously considered university as an option before choosing the apprenticeship at the college. Her...

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