Robert Halfon launches Election Campaign in Harlow

Robert launching his campaign on the A414 in Harlow


ROBERT Halfon launched his General Election campaign on the A414 in Harlow on Monday afternoon.

He was joined by Conservative activists by the side of the road, a campaigning tactic he has used ever since he first started campaigning in 2001.

Mr Halfon has lifelong difficulties in walking and therefore cannot visit as many houses as he would like and suggests this method is ‘a great way to show I am campaigning hard for Harlow’

Mr Halfon was keen to talk about some of the main aspects of his campaign and asked about the difficulties facing Harlow hospital he said ‘‘one of my campaign themes is to protect the NHS. The hospital has a number of structural problems and is not fit for purpose. I have invited Jeremy hunt down here on two occasions and have been told that when his office gets capital spending from the Treasury Harlow Hospital will be considered. It has wonderful staff and does incredible things and I will campaign tirelessly for a hospital fit for the 21st Century’.



He stressed ‘‘I ask to be judged on my record. I campaigned for our roads and got the money. I fought for five years to bring Public health England to Harlow with a government investment of 400 million and I will campaign day and night for a hospital.’


Mr Halfon praised the schools in Harlow and said he believed strongly in ‘parental choice’. He spoke of new facilities at Stewards and the great building at Passmores.  He said he hoped that ‘the priority would be given to families from lower income backgrounds if that is where the parents want to send their children to school’


He was very clear in supporting the wishes of the people over Brexit. He said not only had the people of Britain asked to leave but in Harlow and the surrounding villages 68% had voted to exit the European Union. Asked about the European population in Harlow he responded ‘I love people wherever they come from who live in our country and live in Harlow. I know the Polish community very well and they do an incredible amount in the town. I support them every step of the way’


Robert Halfon can be seen at on both sides of the A414 and other locations around Harlow between 7 and 9 in the morning and between 4 and 7 in the evening throughout the election campaign.

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