New Harlow Science Park is on its way


The Harlow Enterprise Zone hopes to create a new science park in Harlow as big as the one in Cambridge.

The science park will be located next to Kao Park, in the area known as London Road North.

After demolishing the old Nortel buildings, Kao Park (the London Road site) currently houses Raytheon and Arrow, with Pearson moving on to the site in June this year.

Four data centres are to be constructed on the site over the next few years.

Project director, Andrew Bramidge, said the data centres are “power hungry” and “use as much power as the city of Norwich does in one day”.

The park will feature an Anglia Ruskin University building used for medical technology. Its construction will begin in the summer.

There will also be an office building with a café and meeting space. Harlow Enterprise Zone is currently in talks about funding as well as in talks with potential tenants.

The site will have fibre optic broadband, making it one of the most connected science parks.

A new M11 junction (7a) is being built and there are plans for a new bus service to connect Harlow Town Station to the site. There will also be a new cycle and pedestrian routes.

Trees have been cut down to accommodate construction but twice as many trees will be replanted.

This will contribute to an outside seating area, café, gym, nursery and possible small shop. This allows people to do things on site after work.

By 2023, Andrew Bramidge hopes that there will be 3 data centres up and running as well as 50 per cent of the science park built with 1200 employees.

Mr Bramidge said they would need to see what impact Brexit has on the plans.

Mr Bramidge said: “There is an importance on how the parks work with Newhall. The two need to blend.”

There are hopes that the nursery will be open this year, as a formal offer has been received from a nursery care provider.

Harlow Enterprise is keen to bring a hotel into the site with conference facilities and a restaurant.

When asked about the types of science that will feature in the park, Mr Bramidge said: “The park is open to all types of science as there is growth in all sorts of sectors.”

“This will offer a broad range of jobs and other types of businesses on the site will support sciences.”

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