NTCJ students visit Westminster

NTCJ students with Robert Halfon and course tutor Ken Eaton

Robert Halfon invited students from Harlow Colleges Journalism course into his office at the House of Parliament last Tuesday.  Nine students learned how Robert Halfon, MP for Harlow and Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills, became determined to work in politics when he visited Westminster at the age of 10. He has been described as a ‘natural campaigner’ and says he loves this area of his work which he used tirelessly when he argued for lower fuel tax and in his innovative roadside stall which he set up by the A414 at the last general election.

Mr Halfon is passionate about apprenticeships and currently has a Harlow College Business studies student working as an apprentice with him in Westminster.

Following an interesting discussion the students were taken on a tour  and were surprised to find the House of Commons is smaller than it appears on the television and fascinated to hear of significant world leaders , such as Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama who had addressed our parliament in the grand Westminster Hall.

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